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For a cost-effective approach to expanding your web development team, hire developers from Brand Directive’s incredibly capable team, Brand Directive is a gathering place for professional, highly trained, and experienced developers. You may find a developer at our company who has experience in every area of development, including designing flexible websites and developing mobile apps.

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to work according to your time zone, deadline, and milestone

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

Our talented PHP engineers give their vast programming expertise in the areas of Laravel / Codignator /yii / Symphony and other PHP framework-supporting technologies. They are committed to the cause of offering custom PHP applications and web development.

$23 Hourly (USD)
8 hrs/day and 160hrs/mo

Hire WordPress Developer

For website themes, templates, plugins, and other modules, we use the most recent trends and technology. To ensure that WordPress web development services were successfully delivered, we hired devoted WordPress developers and programmers.

$23 Hourly (USD)
8 hrs/day and 200hrs/mo

Hire Android Apps Developer

Hire Android app developers with specialised knowledge and extensive expertise to create high-end Android applications. Custom Android, App Development, Android Game Development, Business Android Applications, Android Social Media Apps and more

$23 Hourly (USD)
8 hrs/day and 200hrs/mo

Hire Front End Developer

The ideal website is offered since we are aware of our clients' needs. Our front-end developer's creations are extremely user-friendly websites using with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

$23 Hourly (USD)
8 hrs/day and 200hrs/mo


What is the hiring procedure for developers?

It is extremely easy. You can choose the developer, and together, we'll draught an agreement that reflects our shared understanding for a period of time that we both agree upon. For a minimum of three months, you can employ the developer. The contract may be extended as necessary.

How will I be reported if I hire dedicated resources from your company?

Every day, our committed developers will send you work reports and timesheets. In the event that you hire a team, TL from our organization will routinely report back to you on the task completed. Email, Skype, phone, and other methods of communication are also available. We are also able to supply hired developers with an attendance report upon request.

Can we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) together?

Keeping your intellectual property safe is one of our top priorities. Each of our employees has consented to a written contract stipulating that they will not divulge any of our client's personal information to third parties.

Is it possible to replace a developer in the middle of a project?

Depending on the type of changes you wish to make to your app, our team of experts is always at your rescue. If you want to add any extra functionality or features to your website, you can always ask for a new developer or replace the developer. If you need any changes made while the project is still being developed or before it has been released, you can also get in touch with the developer directly.

When can I expect receiving updates on the project's development?

Yes, the way we do business is completely transparent. In this approach, we can give you daily, weekly, and monthly updates on the work being done by the developer or team of developers you have hired.

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AWESOMELY, THANK YOU Your team's productivity is amazing. As soon as I visited your website, I went to the portfolio to see what kind of websites you guys create and all the websites you've worked on. It's Amazing. Consequently, I told myself that I must utilise this firm to create my website.

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